This is so warm, loving and wonderful I want to share it with you. Thanks for your words directly from heart, Nintschgo.

Es ist okay


It is okay if your christmas has not been the most beautiful time of the last year.
Okay if you don’t have any resolutions or huge plans today.
It is okay that you didn’t get through that exam and okay to take a day off.
Okay to eat this piece of chocolate and okay to leave the dishes be.
It is okay to go to a party completely underdressed if you have more fun that way.
Okay to put on your most beautiful dress although you’re just taking out the garbage.
It is okay to look into the mirror and smile at yourself and okay if you can’t do that today.
Okay to be horribly confused because you fell in love with someone where you didn’t expect it.
It is okay not to make that annoying phonecall today and even not making it tomorrow.
Okay if you just don’t have…

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